Tom Hanks Was Reunited With Wilson From ‘Cast Away’

Because Tom Hanks did not spend the rest of his life talking to a goddamn volleyball, he was able to reunite with his illustrious “Cast Away” co-star Wilson.

You remember Wilson, right? Things were already a bit rough on that beach when Hanks, playing marooned FedEx employee Chuck Noland, drew a face in his bloody handprint after the volleyball first washed up. But Chuck kept things light and easygoing, later telling Wilson, “I’ll do the paddling, you just hang on.” He was just trying to maintain his sanity when he was like, “Hey, you want to hear something funny? My dentist’s name is James Spalding.” But things unraveled rapidly, and before we knew it, Chuck and Wilson weren’t getting along. Then Wilson met his demise, and what followed was one of the most bellowing wails ever committed to film. (Wilson is serious business, guys. You can read about the science behind his relevance on The New York Times’ site.)

We thought Wilson was gone forever. Fifteen years after Hanks and the volleyball were separated, the duo — who together were nominated for Best On-Screen Team at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards — reconvened Wednesday —> Read More Here


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