Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #74

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All the very best this holiday season from the Wild Bird Trust team! Just six weeks ago, we had just over 700,000 followers on the Wild Bird Trust Facebook page. Today we have 841,795 likes on the page! The Wild Bird Revolution is accelerating towards our goal of 1 million Wild Bird Enthusiasts by the end of the year! We need your help to achieve this world-changing target that celebrates the freedom and beauty of birds in the wild and unites us as one blue-green living planet. Share your favourite wild bird photographs, invite your friends to join, grab some binoculars and your camera, and support global bird conservation by donating to the Wild Bird Trust.

This week’s edition includes South Africa’s Cape parrot, the most endangered parrots in Africa and one of the most beautiful birds on the continent. Please join us in celebrating this stunning bird by voting them in as South Africa’s favourite bird. Click on the banner below…

Please help us continue our work by donating to the Wild Bird Trust: Go to the new Wild Bird Trust website to learn more about our research and conservation projects in —> Read More Here


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