Town Rallies Behind Doctor, 88, Who May Lose License For Treating Poor Patients From His Car

A Mississippi community has united in support of a beloved physician whose career is in jeopardy.

Dr. Carrol Frazier Landrum, a World War II veteran, had been asked to turn over the medical license he’s held for more than 55 years to the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure by Jan. 15, the Washington Post reported earlier this month.

The 88-year-old doctor has been using his vehicle as an examination room to see poor patients in and around rural Edwards, Mississippi, for the past two years. Many patients can’t afford to pay him, so sometimes he works for free.

“I grew up poor, and when the doctor would come to us, and he was happy to see us, I pictured myself doing that some day,” Landrum told the Post. “I try not to ever turn people away — money or no money — because that’s where the need is.”

According to the state, running a mobile clinic out of a vehicle is unacceptable. But the octogenarian didn’t turn in his license, and has no plans to. And thousands near and far — are fighting back by his side.

I’ve done nothing wrong,” Landrum told Mississippi News Now. —> Read More Here


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