Transitioning from Lived Culture


For the last month and a half, I was living in New Xade, one of the San resettlement villages in the Ghanzi District of Botswana. As I mentioned in a previous post, New Xade is home to a convergence of traditional and modern means of living. When I returned to the village in December, I was excited to explore this concept further. I embedded myself in the community and started to build a strong rapport with the people, especially the youth.

My home in New Xade.

Opaletswe is one of the many young men I befriended at New Xade. With a big smile and good sense of humor, he is easy to get along with, and I learned a lot from him during my stay. Opaletswe works for the local police as a community liaison. He is one of the few people his age to hold a steady job, and, while he is thankful for the opportunity, the pay is little and the work unfulfilling. Nevertheless, he counts himself lucky.

Unemployment is a huge challenge in New Xade. Jobs are scarce and most people lack the qualifications necessary to secure the few positions that are available. How are people living in —> Read More Here


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