Transplant: A Gift of Life With the Support of Science

Maybe it is the secret that we all chose to hide from the people around us, trying to turn our gaze far from the ugliness of the reality. Or maybe we ignore it or we do not care about what happens to all those people, the survival of whom depends on our own contribution.

In any case, organ donation constitutes a process which is almost unknown in Greece. This is confirmed by the official statistics of the National Transplant Organisation.

According to them, Greece occupies the last place in the ranking among the European countries, having just 33 organ donations in October, which means 3 donors per one million of the population.

As a consequence, people of any age have to stay in the waiting list for many years, until the donor who will give them the right to live is found. After discussing with a family who has decided to donate the organs of one of its members, with young people waiting for a graft to be found, as also with the first woman in Greece, who has had an organ transplant and who has now become a mother, i have written down their experiences on this urgent issue.


In this country there are bright examples of people who decide to donate the organs of a relative at the crucial moment of his death. One such example is the Bahoura family from Ioannina.

“In 2008, my brother Andreas had an ischemic stroke at the age of 41. For almost two weeks he was hospitalized in the intensive care and ended up with brain death. At that moment, the first thing we thought about, was to donate his organs”, says Irini, Andrea’s sister.

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