Tumelo and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve


Sorry for the shortage of posts for the past month and a half. I have been living in New Xade without internet access and even made a trip to Metsiamanong in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), where there are no amenities – not even a borehole for water. It has been an interesting time, full of new experiences, fun times, and its fair share of challenges.

While I have a lot to say about living in New Xade, this post will focus on my journey into the CKGR, where many San lived before the controversial relocation policy starting in 1997. Getting a permit to enter the CKGR was a challenge unto its own. I made several visits to the local wildlife office in Ghanzi, which had to coordinate with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in the capital Gaborone before issuing a permit.

The process took several weeks and became even more complicated when we experienced mechanical problems with two separate vehicles. Initially, I had planned to leave in mid-December but ended up postponing the trip until the beginning of January. Flexibility, I have learned, is key to living in Botswana. Plans have a knack for changing.

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