Ubiquitous Biotech in a Time of Ignorance


(Caption: Image via Shutterstock)

By Ryan Bethencourt

The human body functions, with all of its flora and fauna, in magnificent ways that we are only now starting to understand. Human cells are outnumbered some three to 10 times by bacterial cells in and on our bodies. And it’s estimated that at least 11 percent of the human genome is viral in origin. We are the original genetically modified organisms.

Since the beginning of civilization humans have altered our environment and its biology to allow our civilization to thrive–from domesticating plants and animals to building shelter and tools from living organisms.

And biology has recently found solutions we didn’t imagine were possible, such as the recent discovery that plants’ chlorophyll molecules act at the quantum mechanical level to maximize energy harvested from the sun. Yet, when it comes to understanding biotechnology innovations, the general public is sadly misinformed about the science. Unfounded fears have prompted the European Union to placed stringent controls on the use and growth of GMO crops, and many EU countries require permits to do basic molecular biology and genetic engineering.

In the U.S., we’ve had a surge of anti-vaccine sentiment (which apparently led to the recent outbreak of measles in —> Read More Here


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