Universities Must Change The Culture On Sexual Violence, UC Santa Cruz Provost Says

A top University of California, Santa Cruz, administrator declared Tuesday that the institution must go beyond “what is required by law or policy” when handling sexual assault and harassment cases.

Alison Galloway, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of UCSC, wrote a blog post on Medium insisting the university must go “beyond compliance” on these cases, especially those involving faculty.

The chief academic officer in charge of professors, who is retiring at the end of 2015, announced in the post that she will hold a dialog with Academic Senate leaders, students and faculty members to “define concrete mechanisms that administrators and faculty can adopt.” A spokesman for UC Santa Cruz told The Huffington Post that they are still finalizing the details of the forum.

“We, as faculty, must do more than comply with mere law or university policy. Indeed, compliance to these standards is a basic job requirement. Sexual harassment isn’t just a compliance problem; it is a culture problem,” Galloway wrote. “And beyond procedures and codes of conduct, we must hold ourselves-and each other-accountable for creating a culture of transformative service. I am speaking of service in the Greek sense of the word: caring for others and making their needs a priority.”

We, as faculty, must do more than comply with mere law or university policy.”
Alison Galloway, UC Santa Cruz Provost

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating UC Santa Cruz and reviewing how it handles sexual assault cases under the gender equity law Title IX. Five of the 10 campuses in the University of California system are currently under investigation.

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