Unpacking Mars


Now that a week has passed since the “we regret to inform you” email from Mars One signaled my elimination from the planned mission to send the first humans to the red planet, it’s time to unpack. As I watch my friends soak in the glory of the interviews they’ve earned on CNN, NBC,

While packing anticipates an adventure, unpacking takes it apart, item by item, each perhaps evoking a fond memory of the role it played during the time away. Unpacking a bag prepared for a journey not taken invites a deeper kind of reflection – not unlike the writer’s strategy of “unpacking a story,” a way to tease out and examine each element of one’s narrative, to uncover the truths hidden in deep recesses of one’s bag, to understand the ultimate significance of each item brought forth.

Each space-bound astronaut is allowed to pack small personal items that define him/her as an individual otherwise indistinguishable from the others wearing identical mission spacesuits adorned with matching mission patches and voicing the same mission-defined objectives. Good luck charms are high on the list, family heirlooms right behind. One ISS astronaut, a rabid baseball fan, took a vial of dirt from the —> Read More Here


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