‘Vape’ Is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year

Sorry, bae: Oxford Dictionaries has chosen their 2014 word of the year, and it’s vape. That would be the term for using an e-cigarette to enjoy bursts of nicotine vapor, a form of nicotine consumption that saw increased popularity, and controversy, this year.

With vaping on the rise, debate about the possible health risks to users and bystanders rose to a fevered pitch, and reports that defective or incorrectly charged e-cigarettes might explode only fanned the flames. Vaping, however, seems to be here to stay, despite the backlash.

Vape wasn’t the only substance-based word on the shortlist. Budtender, a word for a server in a “cannabis dispensary or shop,” was also under consideration. The Oxford Dictionaries also shortlisted terms such as bae, normcore, and indyref, which refers to the Scottish independence referendum, before settling on vape.

Though the Oxford Dictionaries editors can submit words for consideration and the final choice is made by editors, lexicographers and other staffers, the process is bolstered by the use of software that scans the web for emerging words, changes in word usage, and shifts in frequency. Vape‘s usage, for example, has doubled in the past 12 months, hitting a peak in April —> Read More Here


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