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Absolutely stunning! Our amazing Cape parrots take my breath away every time! Proud, vibrant, wild parrots! Please vote for the Cape parrot as South Africa’s favourite bird and help us raise the public profile of this little-known endemic species. Around 1,000 Cape parrots remain in the last yellowwood forests of South Africa. Take a few seconds to vote for South Africa’s national parrot and demonstrate the power of online communities that stimulate positive change! Click here to Vote for CAPE PARROT as South Africa’s favourite bird!

Here are five recent photographs by Rodnick Biljon, who monitors the small population of Cape parrots in King William’s Town. Rodnick knows where they feed and has a special whistle that puts them at ease. He has been very encouraged by the general health and appearance of the local parrot population, and has never seen so many fledglings. See for yourself… Follow us @CapeParrot or @WildBirdTrust

Cape Parrot fly feb15 (Rodnick Biljon) Cape parrot fledge (Rodnick Biljon) Cape Parrot plum FEb15 (Rodnick Biljon) Cape parropt close up (Rodnick Biljon)

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