Walking For Lions Project ‘Lights Up’ Big Cat Protection

Marnus Roodbol, Founder of Walking For Lions and locals in Botswana

While the world mourns and avenges the death of Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the lion, one man is on the ground in Botswana protecting lions from the angry guns of local farmers and ranchers.

Marnus Roodbol is the founder of Walking for Lions (WFL), an organization that works with locals in Botswana to literally light up their land when a lion or lions trespass and attack livestock. His passion and drive for this is as steadfast and strong as the lions themselves. He is one man with boots on the ground, using his own vehicle, taking his own supplies, and a handful of motion-detecting outdoor lights with sirens paid for with donations. If he’s fortunate, he may have one helper with him. Marnus makes the long drive from his home in South Africa to farms and ranches in Botswana to protect the iconic animal under fire from too many threats.

Marnus Roodbol, Founder of Walking For Lions and locals in Botswana

Walking for Lions is a non-profit organization created to assist wild lions in areas where they need it most. Its objective is to conduct a lion census in various national parks in southern Africa, to estimate the number of lions needing assistance to survive, help local communities that struggle with human/wildlife conflict and be a part of creating a global awareness of these issues. Funds are allocated according to priorities identified by WFL.

In an interview conducted via Facebook Messenger, Marnus relays what it is like when he is on the move for WFL’s “Lights Up Botswana”.

Lights Up Botswana

NG: Will you please explain how the Lights Up program works?

MR: We physically go to each farmer and then start the process of interviews regarding predation on their cattle and so forth. Once enough evidence is shown, then we will install lights and constantly —> Read More