Watching Cookie Monster Can Improve A Child’s Self-Control

Cookie Monster has not generally been associated with self-control, but his recent journey toward patience is rubbing off on children, a study from the University of Iowa found.

Last year, “Sesame Street” began a curriculum of self-regulation, in which Cookie Monster waits before guzzling cookies. Deborah L. Linebarger at the University of Iowa Children’s Media Lab led a study using these new clips to see if children would mimic Cookie Monster’s good behavior.

First, children would watch this clip of Cookie Monster displaying self-control:

They were then given the Marshmallow Test, where children are placed in front of a marshmallow and told they could get another treat if they wait a certain amount of time — as long as they do not eat the first marshmallow. This tests a person’s ability to delay gratification. Studies have shown that children who resist the temptation tend to have better outcomes in life, from higher SAT scores to better health.

Children who viewed the Cookie Monster clip were able to wait more than four minutes longer during the Marshmallow Test than those who did not watch the clip.

Linebarger provided video —> Read More Here


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