Wats in Luang Prabang


We have been in Lao for several days now after celebrating New Years from 30,000 feet. Although mostly Buddhist, the holiday attitude has reached this country and many of the offices are closed. Unable to meet with our government counterparts, we travel north to the former Capitol of Luang Prubang to develop new partners with the Botanical Garden, where the seeds we collect might be propagated. A short flight from Vientiane, the road to LP takes 6-7 hours along steep, winding roads. We flew.

The airport is new, modern and fills this once sleepy town with thousands of tourists, mostly from Asia. Located in a valley carved by the Mekong River, the sprawling town retains much of its history. Guarded by the intertwining nine headed Naga (a mythical serpent) the ornate Palace of the last monarch stands on a peninsula between the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers. On the grounds, a small temple hosts the Pha Bang, a 14th century statue serving as a national palladium. The venerable golden Buddha was brought here by the first unifier of the Lao people who established the city as the Capitol. It is believed the Pha Bang possesses powers that protect the ruler and —> Read More Here


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