We Tried The ‘Food Of The Future.’ We Don’t Want To Live There.

About three years ago, entrepreneur and “serial optimist” Simo Suoheimo got together with a group of friends with a goal in mind.

All of them were passionate about food and all of them wanted to create a new form of sustenance — something particularly geared toward the busiest among us who are also trying to eat as healthily, and sustainably, as possible.

The result of those early conversations with his friends-turned-co-founders is Ambronite, a shake mix powder that aims to pack a nourishing punch through 18 fully organic ingredients like oats, coconut and wild berries that, when combined with cold water, keep you sated for up to five hours while also satisfying nutrition guidelines.

“We’re bringing together the most nutrient-dense foods in the world and making them available for the busiest moment of the day, so you never have to make the excuse of eating a meal that’s not good for you,” Suoheimo, who splits his time between Helsinki and San Francisco, told The Huffington Post. “We set out to create a world-class product.”

Marketed as a “drinkable supermeal,” the product was met with enthusiasm by several hundred early adapters who pre-ordered the “beta” version of the mix. Last year, over 800 people donated over $102,000 to an Indiegogo campaign raising funds to bring the product to a larger market.

Today, Ambronite is on its third version and Suoheimo reports sales of the meals — which cost $59 for a set of five, $99 for 10 or $84.15 for a monthly “subscription” delivery of 10 — have been growing rapidly since they opened up their online store this January. They’ve seen double-digit growth month-on-month with half of their sales coming from within the U.S. and half coming from other countries.

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