Wealth and Sprawl in Mexico City


As I wrote before I arrived here, I grew up on an edge of Los Angeles—I could ride my bike down the hill to the park and the comic book store in the strip mall, and, with enough energy, I could ride up the nearby canyon and into the undeveloped hills. I hadn’t been reminded of that sensation, of real, unmanicured nature in the city, until this past weekend. Even living on the very edge of Mexico City in Cuautitlán, where I could walk into farmland in matter of minutes didn’t do it—the neighborhood was so different from any I’d ever spent time in before that I couldn’t easily slip into unquestioned comfort. Last Saturday, standing on a hill on the western edge of the city, though, with scrub grass and oak trees overlooking the canyons and ridges of the city of the wealthiest parts of the city, I felt like I could be in California.

I recently got an ad-hoc tour of the sprawl on the rich, leafy —> Read More Here


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