Weekend Roundup: Why There Is No Better Time for Another Trudeau

When Justin Trudeau’s sophisticated and cosmopolitan father Pierre was prime minister in the 1970s and early 1980s, Canada’s brand became synonymous with an open, liberal and sane society that got the balance right. During the Cold War and amid the conflicts in developing nations those days, its red and white maple leaf flag was the welcome symbol of an activist, peace-making foreign policy. However small its political clout compared to the colossus to its south, Canada enjoyed an outsized influence globally as the exemplar of the values of a civilized state.

The world today could do with another Trudeau, and thankfully we have one. Just how much Canada’s new prime minister not only walks in his father’s stead, but inhabits his spirit as well, can be seen in this global forum hosted by HuffPost Canada in Toronto this week. Trudeau took questions from around Canada and from editors of HuffPost editions around the world. In his report, Howard Fineman trenchantly sums up the discussion, writing, “Canada’s new prime minister is the opposite of Donald Trump.”

At a time when the leading Republican contender for the U.S. presidency is calling for walls and expulsions, and when European politics is relapsing into the kind of nationalist fervor that brought two devastating wars to the continent in the 20th century, the young Canadian prime minister already exhibits some of the wiser qualities bequeathed by his father.

As prime minister, Pierre Trudeau campaigned for the passage of the The Constitution Act, 1982 in Canada that eschewed “distinct status” for French-speaking Quebec in favor of a federalist solution. In an interview I did with the senior Trudeau as the Balkan wars ignited in 1990, he eloquently evinced the liberal creed against the siren —> Read More