Weekly Space Hangout – April 24, 2015: Bas Lansdorp, CEO of Mars One

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)
Special Guest: Bas Lansdorp, CEO of Mars One
Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @MorganRehnberg )
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein)
Alessondra Springmann (@sondy)
Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astroguyz.com)

This Week’s Stories:

25 years of Hubble
Rosetta spots a jet form on 67P
Japan to attempt lunar landing in 2018 (maybe!)
Dark matter interactions seen
CMB cold spot mystery solved
The 2015 Lyrids
Advanced LIGO and the Hunt for Gravitational Waves
A close pass of asteroid 2015 HD1
Alien Supercivilizations Absent from 100,000 Nearby Galaxies
Fix in Works for Giant SLS Welding Machine
The Cosmic Microwave Oven Background
Questions Remain In Antares Explosion Investigation
Sierra Nevada partners with German Aerospace Center to develop Dream Chaser
Dawn captures stunning views of Ceres’ north pole
Revolutionary rocket engine passes U.S. Air Force feasibility test
Amateurs Given David Dunlap Observatory
White dwarf star may have shredded passing planet
Earth was grown from millimetre-sized stones
California Senate Votes to Honor Astronaut Sally Ride with Statue in US Capitol
A Reporter’s View: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission Taking Shape
First Signs of Self-interacting Dark Matter?
Rosetta’s comet throws out big jet
Comet Jet Awakens
Rosetta catches jet erupting from comet’s dark side
JPL Will Present their Mars Program Concept at the 2015 Humans to Mars Summit
A Cold Cosmic Mystery Solved
Asteroid just missed Earth Tuesday morning
India’s Second Moon Mission To Be Fully Homegrown
The Lunar “Distraction”
SpaceX targets May 5 for Dragon pad abort test
A Sharp View into Black Holes
RIT scientist chosen as an Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador: Brian Koberlein will inform public about U.S. astronomy efforts
Pad 0A slowly recovering from Orb 3 accident
NASA Delays Award of Commercial Cargo Follow-On Contracts
The bright spots on Ceres are coming into closer view!
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