What a Family Does for a Year on a Sailboat

Rainbow in Grenada

The Horangic family is taking the trip of a lifetime, sailing the seas and doing science. We caught up with Teddy, age 14, Helen, 12, and Basil, 8, after their family’s 15-day Atlantic crossing from Gran Canaria, Spain to St. Lucia. While Teddy and Helen both race small sailboats at home in California, none of them had ever done anything like this. During their passage, they collected two samples for Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC)’s Microplastics Project.

By Emily Wolfe

Even without an ark full of animals, a rainbow is a welcome sight to a family on the water. (Photo courtesy the Horangic Family)

Here are a few highlights from our chat with Teddy and her siblings:

We are living on the boat for a year, and spent the last six months sailing around the Mediterranean, hopping from island to island in the Aegean Sea. From there we sailed to Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, and finally Grand Canaria, where we spent a week preparing for our Atlantic crossing.

Sailing the big boat has been quite a change. On a dinghy, every movement counts—where you sit is important down to the centimeter, and how you move your body through the waves is essential. —> Read More Here


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