What A Man’s Hands Say About How He Treats Women

Listen up, ladies. If you want to figure out if your date is a nice guy or a jerk, take a look at his hands.

A strange new study suggests that the shorter a guy’s index finger is compared to his ring finger, the more likely he is to be nice to women. Guys whose index fingers and ring fingers are close in length, or whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers, watch out!

“When with women, men with smaller ratios [of index to ring finger] were more likely to listen attentively, smile and laugh, compromise or compliment the other person,” Dr. Debbie Moskowitz, a psychology professor at McGill University in Montreal and the study’s lead author, said in a written statement.

Moskowitz and her colleagues measured the fingers of 155 men and women, and for each calculated their digit ratio–that is, the length of the index finger to the length of the ring finger. Then, over the course of 20 days, the study participants kept track of every social interaction they had that lasted over five minutes, classifying their own behavior toward others as either agreeable or quarrelsome.

The researchers found no link between behavior and digit —> Read More Here


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