What Is Sleep?

It didn’t surprise me that 11-year-olds would have something to teach scientists. That was the whole idea four years ago when I started the contest called the Flame Challenge.

What surprised me was how much the kids would be learning about science in the process. And how enthused they’d be.

When I started the Flame Challenge four years ago, I asked scientists to explain what a flame is in a way that 11-year-olds could understand. I thought it would be a real learning experience for the scientists because it’s actually a lot harder than it seems to answer a question like that in a way that’s clear and engaging — and accurate too.

And to make it more interesting, I asked 11-year-olds to be the judges.

That was where a learning experience for the kids came in. And it really surprised me. When kids hear and evaluate several answers, it seems to give them a three-dimensional view of the question. They become so knowledgeable that a frequent complaint about an entry is that it should be more informative.

As judges, they’re in an unusual position of power in the learning process, and they love it. Some have even said —> Read More Here


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