What Science Says About Being In Your 30s

Popular culture and Internet listicles often portray the 30s as life’s best years. Free from the financial and personal insecurity of the 20s and not yet approaching the midlife challenges of the 40s and 50s, the 30s are said to be the best of both freedom, and responsibility. But what does science say about being a 30-something?

Research presents a mixed picture of a decade of life marked by increasing stability as well as significant change. Some studies suggest that 35 is the “best age” and that real happiness begins at age 33. People older than 100 years in overwhelming numbers regard their 30s as being the best decade of their lives.

Still, the 30s have also been found to be a time of existential crises, ticking biological clocks, and heightened job dissatisfaction.

Here’s what science has to say about the ups and downs of being a 30-something:

The beginning and end of the decade may be marked by significant life changes.

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