What Sunglasses in New York and Vaccines Have in Common

Vaccines and autism are in the news… again. This time, Melinda Gates’ recent remarks at Davos got me thinking about a strange vaccines analogy. Often, the lack of widespread vaccinations leads to unsettling news headlines. As an example from 2014, a record high number of measles cases (667) was uncovered since the disease was considered eliminated in 2000. This did not transpire in one of the African countries that the Gates Foundation targets for funding vaccine campaigns, but in one of the most developed countries in the world and in the history of time.

Before I demystify my analogy, let me ask a question:

How can a celebrity hide in plain sight in a place you normally don’t find them? Let’s say in downtown Berkeley, California where I went to college, a colorful place where tight-jean-wearing hipsters and hippies abound. You would think they could blend in as normal people, given that stranger things can be spotted near fraternity row, like tutu-wearing EDM concertgoers sporting Cookie Monster’s carcass for shoes (read: furry rave leg warmers). You would think that… but no.

Usher once tried to get one of Top Dog’s famed hot dogs in Berkeley, and my entire FB newsfeed just about imploded. Like a normal guy, he was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses — the typical MO for any celebrity trying to blend in. But the attack was immediate. It was like the hipster kids on the street could smell the “mainstream” on him. They all rebelled by outing him on social media and closing in on him until he was forced to moonwalk out of there. Or, at least, that’s how I imagined the scene transpiring.

What if he was wearing the same outfit in N.Y.C.? Now, that’s a whole different story. —> Read More