What The Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach Us About How Diseases Spread


The zombie apocalypse is coming, and epidemiologists, for one, are concerned.

When World War Z breaks out and the undead begin their global takeover, we’ll all be running for the hills. And according to a group of scientists from Cornell University, who are studying the studying the mechanics of a potential zombie takeover, this might be exactly the right idea.

In modeling a fictional zombie outbreak, the researchers actually had a more serious, real-world purpose in mind –investigating the way real disease outbreaks spread.

“The techniques we used to study the zombie model are some of the same techniques used to study real diseases,” Cornell physics graduate student Alex Alemi, who worked on the paper, told The Huffington Post. “We hope the paper might serve as a nice introduction to these techniques for people.”

The authors explain that a zombie outbreak in the U.S. might look similar to a large-scale outbreak of a virus such as Ebola. In the zombie simulation, there are four different states — human, infected, zombie or dead zombie — which interact and combine with one another in a similar manner to chemical reactions.

“If there is a zombie outbreak, it is usually assumed to affect —> Read More Here


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