When An Optical Illusion Turns Your Arm Into a Gigantic Penis

It’s an X-rated version of #thedress.

At first glance, it may seem as if these British children’s TV entertainers have been photo-bombed by a gigantic penis.

The enormous member appears to be rising out of a glass held by fan Jemima Campion, who’s alongside the Chuckle Brothers — Barry and Paul — in the snap.

To me to you. pic.twitter.com/2guLlvYKma

— Solita Restaurants (@SolitaNQ) November 18, 2015

But thankfully, it’s just an amazing optical illusion — a trick of the light converting the her arm into something much more adult-oriented.

The image of the comedy duo — who hosted their own children’s slapstick-style show on British TV for several decades — alongside 19-year-old Campion was taken at the Pryzm nightclub in Leeds earlier this month.

It was posted to Twitter by Solita NQ restaurant in Manchester on Wednesday, and soon went viral, sparking a host of these joke replies:

Bar owner: Can you take a promo shot with the Chuckle Brothers?
Waitress: ok, but I’ll need a stiff drink pic.twitter.com/uB3hmijVDL

— Sean Leahy (@thepunningman) November 18, 2015

@SolitaNQ hahaha had to look twice then.

— Rachael (@_abitdaft) November 18, 2015

This is the greatest optical illusion in the history of human eyes #cupofpenis #chucklevision pic.twitter.com/U41PaXOouD

— Killie Me Softly (@mickmcavoy) November 18, 2015

RT @SolitaNQ: To me to you. pic.twitter.com/K2JMbvlW12 – lol I thought that was a dick in your cup

— SWARLEY (@PuddiSRC) November 18, 2015

@SolitaNQ That looks incredibly phallic in her drink

— George Serjeant (@gserjeant) November 18, 2015