When Maggie Simpson Can Get A Paper Into A Science Journal, You Know You’ve Got Trouble

Maggie Simpson is known more for her red pacifier than her gray matter. But somehow the youngest member of the fictional “Simpsons” clan had the brainpower to co-author a scientific paper and have it accepted for publication by not one but two real-life journals.

The unlikely tale begins with Dr. Alex Smolyanitsky, a Colorado-based materials scientist. As Smolyanitsky told The Huffington Post in an email, he was looking for a way to spotlight the laughably weak peer-review process used by certain scientific journals–ones that seem quick to accept just about any submitted paper as long as the author pays up.

So with the help of an online gibberish-generating program called SCIGen, Smolyanitsky prepared an article full of scientific mumbo-jumbo so nonsensical that even Homer could have spotted the prank–just have a look at a few of the opening lines from the paper, entitled “Fuzzy, Homogeneous Configurations:”

Unified perfect symmetries have led to many unproven advances, including Markov models and write-ahead logging. While prior solutions to this quagmire are excellent, none have taken the real-time method we propose in this work. On a similar note, this is a direct result of the evaluation of replication. Obviously, Internet —> Read More Here


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