Where Is a Lion a Shark? In the Savannas of the Sea

A shark prowls the Blue Serengeti.
Where is a lion a shark? In the savannas of the sea. Scientists are discovering similarities among predators and prey in the ocean and on land. (Photograph: Wikimedia Commons)

Mtumbwi hauwezi kujua panapokuwa pamejaa maji. (Swahili)

The dugout canoe does not know the depth of the water. (English)

So believe the Hangaza, an ethnic group living along Lake Victoria near Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The lake has long been an object of contemplation for the Hangaza. They know that animals like crocodiles swim just beneath its surface, but, they say, there’s more to this vast waterbody than can be seen from a canoe.

Half a world away along the U.S. West Coast, marine scientists studying the California Current mirror the Hangaza.

The oceanographers are finding new ways of looking beneath research vessels that ply the seas. They’re getting a fish-eye-view of the deep by placing electronic tags on predators such as blue whales and California sea lions, yellowfin tuna and white sharks.

The project is called Global Tagging of Pelagic Ocean Predators (GTOPP). It focuses on vast open ocean areas, among them the California Current. This undersea river of water flows south along the west coast of North America, beginning off British Columbia and ending —> Read More Here


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