Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIX: A Showdown In Energy Efficiency Between New England And Seattle

super bowl opower chart

Who’s to say who will win Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday? When trying to predict the victor, should we consider the skills of the quarterbacks or the strength of the defense? Maybe it’ll all just depend on the weather in Phoenix, or the size of the footballs.

Here’s one interesting way to compare the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks: energy. And we don’t mean fan enthusiasm.

Opower, a software company that helps utilities improve customer experience, analyzed how the two teams’ home cities compare in terms of energy efficiency and innovation.

In a matchup that Opower calls the Efficiency Bowl, the company examined the two regions across 11 diverse categories, with a focus on technology, utility customer engagement, clean energy and transportation. It then determined which team was the top performer.

See how they stack up in the infographic below:

From the data, it’s clear that both regions are leaders in efficiency and energy innovation. In fact, Boston and Massachusetts are ranked as the most energy efficient city and state, respectively, by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, while Seattle is the country’s fifth most efficient city.

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