Why Astronaut Ron Garan Thinks We Should Colonize The Moon Before Mars

As the Dutch-based Mars One venture continues to narrow down candidates for its one-way mission to the red planet, the idea of a permanent human settlement in space is seeming less far-fetched.

But in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, NASA astronaut Ron Garan, whose space travels include a six-month stay on Expedition 27 to the International Space Station in 2011, revealed that he thinks there’s a better option than Mars for a first attempt at intergalactic colonization: the moon.

“I think we have a long, long way to go both figuratively and literally to get to Mars,” Garan told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. “There’s many steps, I think, and I think personally what makes sense as a next step in space exploration is to establish a transportation infrastructure between the Earth and the moon and to determine a permanent human presence on the moon.”

Providing routine missions to the moon and creating a base for humans there will offer a means of exploring “the entire solar system, including Mars,” Garan said. For instance, with a natural supply of water, spaceships could refuel on the moon. He explained:

“There’s water on the moon and water equals rocket fuel, because that’s —> Read More Here


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