Why Develop a Rapport?


In my last post, I mentioned being able to develop a rapport with the New Xade community. What does that mean? What does it look like? And why is it so important?

My camera rig.

Imagine someone – a foreigner speaking a foreign language no less – shows up at your home with a giant camera and says he wants to make a documentary film about you. For the next nine months, he wants to follow your every move, from waking up in the morning to battling your way through a workday.

You’d probably show him the door.

And even if you didn’t, would you be honest with him about your feelings?

Developing a rapport, or trust, with the subjects of your film is probably the most important thing a documentary filmmaker can do, especially when making a character-driven film. Otherwise, you’ll end up with stale footage that fails to delve below the surface. Intimate access and genuine moments differentiate a mediocre film from an amazing one that does your characters justice.

Sometimes developing a rapport can be easy, especially when working with a familiar community. Other times, it can be extremely challenging.

New Xade falls under the latter category. For decades, the community has —> Read More Here


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