Why Do People Talk In Their Sleep?

By Stephanie Steinberg for U.S. News

Sure, you can have my phone number. It’s like having a direct line to God. But better, because I answer.

Hold me. I want you to feel greatness.

I’m like medicine. Take me twice before going to bed. Warning: I will cause sexiness.

I’m not fat. It’s just my awesomeness swelling up inside me.

These sound like bad pickup lines or something you might read on a T-shirt, right? Well, they did eventually make it on T-shirts, but the egomaniacal zingers were first uttered by a man who spewed out jokes (and not-fit-for-print phrases) in his sleep.

Sleep Talkin’ Man — the name Adam Lennard and his wife use to refer to his alter ego — was born in February 2009 when he shouted, “Enough with the cheese! Enough!”

“I ended up laughing him awake because it was so hilarious,” recalls Karen Slavick-Lennard, as the two shared Sleep Talkin’ Man stories in a phone interview from London, where they reside.

The couple, both 41, had been teenage sweethearts, but then lost touch for over a decade. In 2007 they reconnected online and got engaged only a few weeks later. Before the cheese incident, Karen — nor anyone else for that matter — had never heard Adam sleep talk. While some wives might be freaked out by their snoozing husbands saying, “I’d rather peel off my skin and bathe my weeping raw flesh in a bath of vinegar than spend any time with you,” Karen, who suffered from insomnia and was often awake when Sleep Talkin’ Man surfaced, found the nightly expletives pure entertainment.

“Everything Sleep Talkin’ Man said was super sharp and perfect, whereas when he’s awake, Adam is sometimes known to make those really lame dad jokes,” she admits.

In 2009, Karen started a blog —> Read More