Why I Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most important technology we’re developing this decade.

It’s a massive opportunity for humanity, not a threat.

So what is AI?

Broadly, AI is the ability of a computer to understand your question, to search its vast memory banks and to give you the most accurate answer.

AI is the ability of a computer to process a vast amount of information for you, make decisions and take (and/or advise you to take) appropriate action.

You may know early versions of AI as Siri on your iPhone or IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

Watson made headlines back in 2011 by winning Jeopardy, and now it’s helping doctors treat cancer patients by processing massive amounts of clinical data and cross-referencing thousands of individual cases and medical outcomes.

Apple’s Siri rests in the palm of your hand, giving directions, making recommendations and even cracking jokes.

But these are the early, “weak” versions of AI What’s coming this next decade will be more like JARVIS from the movie Iron Man.

But this technology won’t be just for Tony Stark.

Why AI is a massive opportunity

AI will level the global playing field.

Today, Google’s search engine gives a teenager with a smartphone in Mumbai and a billionaire in Manhattan equal access to the world’s information.

In the future, AI will democratize the ability for everyone to have equal access to services ranging from healthcare to finance advice.

AI will be your physician.
AI will be your financial advisor.
AI will be your teacher and that of your children.
AI will be your fashion designer.
AI will be your chef.
AI will be your entertainer.
And more…

And it will likely do all of these things for free, or nearly for free, independent of who you are or where you live.

Ultimately, AI will dematerialize, demonetize and democratize all of these services, dramatically improving the quality of life for 8 billion people, pushing us closer towards —> Read More