Why Our Homecoming Is Not The Point

citizen mars

We all know about this go-to-Mars-and-never-come-back-thing, right? If not, type “Mars One” in any electronic device and check it out (warning: vacuum cleaner may not work).

I’m totally sure that the idea of a one-way trip to the Red Planet significantly contributed to the media success of this project. Nevertheless, every single time I answer questions from the public, fans and reporters, I get stuck on this point: the “no-return policy.”

Everybody estimates the risks from cosmic radiations, Space-X thrusters’ malfunction and local alien guerilla to be acceptable, part of the astronauts’ job. But then they come up with the dramatic question: “What do you hate so much about this planet to leave it forever?”

Here’s the point: I’m leaving the Earth forever because I love this planet! All of it. No kidding.

Of course, there are a number of reasons for joining the Mars One program, which would never fit all together in a single blog post. Moreover, I already explained the emotional, personal reasons in the documentary, Citizen Mars.

Yes, I’ll be leaving a huge bulk of friends, colleagues, cousins and – who knows? Maybe a kid or two — on this Blue Planet. I disagree with those who consider Mars an emergency exit from Earth, our b-plan for species survival.

So how can we help Earth’s environment and inhabitants, burning down 600,000 US gallons of kerosene to launch the outpost and the crew to a dead, freezing, red desert? The answer is simpler than expected: we won’t have toilet paper.

Seriously, no sketchbooks, paper towels, trash plastic bags or any other disposable stuff. Have you ever thought about it? Mars outpost will only rely on a limited number of resupply missions, which will carry almost only computer parts and high-tech —> Read More