Why Should We Be Excited About Electric Commercial Flights?

Electric commercial flights were once seen as an invention of pure fantasy. Things have changed since then. Electric commercial flights are now a firm part of the future of commercial flight. The research has been pioneered by Airbus, which has produced the E-Fan and has managed to make it fly for one hour using lithium-ion battery packs.

This electric two-seater aircraft is designed to test the viability of an electric plane. In addition, the results have been encouraging. It gives the industry hope that this could represent the future of air travel.

So why should electric flights get people excited?

A Cleaner Aircraft

Global warming and climate change are causing a great many negative effects to the planet. These are set to become more profound as the situation becomes direr. The airline industry is among the biggest offenders when it comes to polluting the atmosphere.

There’s little they can do about this because aircraft produces so much carbon dioxide. Electric aircraft would change this because they don’t produce the same toxic mix of chemicals. Therefore, that would alter the world for the better.

Another benefit of electric is the batteries are entirely rechargeable. Fuel is burned and broken down into toxic components. These are released into the air, where they go on to pollute the environment. The latest batteries produce only hydrogen, which is naturally produced by the atmosphere anyway and is of no harm.

The way this works is the battery performs a chemical reaction in order to produce energy. When charged, the battery reverses this reaction in order to allow the battery to perform again. Only after multiple uses do they need to be replaced.

Long Haul Aircraft

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