Why the Supreme Court’s Decision to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Will Benefit You Wherever You Are on the Planet


There are three lessons that I believe if we all learned about societies while we’re alive, life would fare better for us all:

1. Progress in society is inevitable; it advances through the good times and bad times, invariably and inevitably, whether you are on board or not.

2. Progress is a result of several factors, but there is only one factor that is proving itself to be the only obligatory ingredient for progress to materialize, and it is social equality.

3. If you say “so what?” repeatedly over and over again, sooner or later, you either will be slapped by an aunt or be taken into custody.

For the sake of this article, I will only focus on the first two points.

A country with no social equality is a country that stagnates. That is a fact. UNICEF issued a report stating that child wellbeing is not at all related to average income in each country, but is strongly related to inequality. Mental illness is more common in unequal societies. Violence, drug addiction, low life expectancy, high infant mortality, obesity, low educational performance, homicides, high imprisonment rates, slow social mobility, teenage births and lack of social trust are all, again, more common in more unequal societies, regardless of how rich the society is. In fact, some of the richest countries do worst in terms of social problems. Inequality is the newfound poison.

There even is a natural explanation for this phenomenon… You see, nature naturally subsists in a state of dynamic equilibrium. To sustain life, a natural system needs balance, or an equal distribution of constituents. As long as the system is balanced, it remains stable and alive. However, if the weight of things —> Read More