Why Won’t Sanders, Clinton, Trump and Cruz Discuss Transhumanist Science Issues?


Image by DonkeyHotey

Have you heard much science-talk in the presidential debates? Or on the campaign trail? Or maybe in interviews by the leading candidates? Me neither. Yet, nothing is going to change our lives more in the next 10 years than the radical science and technology starting to engulf us.

CRISPR genetic editing technology–performed last year on human embryos in China–has the ability to eradicate diseases so we never get ailments in the first place. Exoskeleton technology has the ability to wipe out the wheelchair–and thus end disability and mobility issues for tens of millions of people. Tiny chip implants could thwart many of the two million domestic violence cases in the US every year by alerting authorities when a crime is committed. The robotic heart could end heart disease–something that will kill a third of everyone we know. And robots will take as much as 75 percent of the jobs from people in the next 25 years. And like it or not, capitalism won’t survive as we know it when that happens.

Do these sound like important conversations our nation’s potential leader should be having? Of course. Yet, are they having them? No–basically not whatsoever.

Sadly, politics has become “politically correct” business. And this makes politicians happy to play to a largely science-illiterate public that assumes taxes, immigration, terrorism, and faith are what really matter.

Cut that dishonest politicking out! It’s hard to imagine anything mattering more to our species and planet Earth than the burgeoning field of transhumanism. Nothing will change the world more than radical technology and science. Consider the matter of designer babies–and whether in five years we can augment our children’s intelligence. Because if we don’t, and China does it —> Read More