Why you Get so Pumped up Watching Sports

Do you get pumped up watching sports? Do you ever feel so involved in watching a game, that you feel like you are in the game?

Sports create a relationship between the fan and the players. This relationship resembles that of a family. Sports fans, like other people, separate themselves out into similar groups with common values, religions, aesthetics, ethnicities and so forth.

This kind of connection has primal overtones, in that primitive man survived in tribes through co-dependent relationships (1). And, when people in general connect by groups through their similarities, they are protecting themselves against annihilation. Thus, the team becomes a tribe, and the fan becomes invested in its identity. This feeling of belonging becomes so powerful that it can create biases, as well as prejudices. And, fans are so emotionally invested in their tribe, or sports team, that they may defend that relationship against verbal or physical attack.

Feelings of belonging to a particular team are so powerful that they impact feelings of well-being, alienation, loneliness, energy levels and depression. We are, after all, social animals, and our feelings of purpose and belonging are affected by our group’s identity, including our chosen sports team. Moreover, —> Read More Here


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