Will Tesla’s New S3X Symbol Take Us to Paradise?


Starting on March 31st, green luxury is about to get more accessible with the unveiling of the long-awaited

For the uninitiated, the Hot-Crazy Matrix proposes that a male of courting age should pursue the most attractive woman he can get (the highest “hot” number on the horizontal axis), while minimizing the “crazy” in targeted women. The lower-right part of the matrix (high-hot/low-crazy) represents the mythical “unicorns” – hypothetically conceivable but very hard to get.

In the spirit of interdisciplinary thought, I suggest using this model as a basis for evaluating the desirability-attainability of new green car ownership. So, I give you The Hot-CrazyXpensive Matrix, a visual aid for gauging green cars, i.e. electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, plotted according to their sex appeal and affordability (because let’s be honest, what factors matter more when buying a car?)

In my version, the Hot axis remains largely applicable in the search for a green car mate while the vertical axis becomes how expensive the car is. As with the original matrix, the objective is to maximize hotness while minimizing craziness. Staying on the smart side of the diagonal line is a good rule of thumb.

To illustrate, I had the boys in the lab populate a digital version of the Matrix with a few of the most recognizable options on the market. My version of the “Fun Zone” features FUNctional faves such as the Plug-in Prius and the Volt, a plug-in EV with a back-up gas tank for a total range of more than 420 miles on a single charge. This one in particular had my attention – that is, until the prospect of acquiring the elusive “ten” or at least a lovely nine presented itself.


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