Witnessing Heroic Effort By Rapid Response Team to Save Bull Elephant from Gruesome Death at the Hands of Poachers

Dr Njoroge treating other elephants  (C) The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

By Kristin Davis

The last time I was in Kenya, flying in one of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s (DSWT) aerial surveillance airplanes, I was on the way to see one of the most tragic sights I’ve ever seen in my life.

Two massive elephants had been poached near the Tiva River, in Tsavo National Park. Like all poaching victims, their deaths had been torturous.

The poachers had climbed up the electrical tower nearby and cut thick cable from it. Then they’d set up wire snares using the cable. They tied one snare around two huge trees, and when a male elephant had walked in, his foot had been trapped.

The massive elephant was left circling the tree endlessly trying to free himself, until he became so weak that that poachers could move in and hack the tusks off his face. The circle of destruction around the tree presented a terrible picture of the end of this glorious creature’s life.

Sadder still was the coffee pot and the ashes of a fire just out of reach of the elephant’s circle of distress. There, the poachers had sat, drinking coffee and watching, waiting until they could plunder his ivory and hack away at his tusks.

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