Women in STEM: Progress, Asymptote, and Equality

In a speech to the United Nations, actress Emma Watson candidly expressed her perspective in regard to feminism, women rights, and gender equality. The speech, which called for action from men, women and the spectrum of genders, presented a realistic and somewhat grim picture of the current status of women’s rights around the world.

Today, in United States we face very limited progress towards the inclusion of women in fields such as Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering. Presented here are specific statistics of women with degrees in Science and Engineering, the asymptote of progress in math-intensive fields, ideas to inspire, integrate and retain more women in Engineering and finally the role of STEM as a passport towards equality.


In 2010, women were earning 57.2 percent of the bachelor’s and 46.8 percent of the doctoral degrees in all fields. In Science and Engineering (S&E), women earned 50.3 percent of the bachelor’s and 40.9 percent of the doctoral degrees. Compare these statistics to 1970, when women were awarded 43.3 percent of the bachelor’s and 13.5 percent of the doctoral degrees in all fields, while in S&E women earned 28.0 percent of the bachelor’s and 9.1 percent of the —> Read More Here


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