Women With More Male Friends Have More Sex In Their Relationships, Study Says

Most women probably don’t make a connection between how many male friends they have and how much sex they’re having in their relationship. But a new study suggests that for evolutionary reasons, the former may in fact have a direct influence on the latter.

The research, which was recently published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, suggests that a man who considers his partner attractive to others is likely to try to have more sex with his partner if he perceives that she has other males in her life.

Whether they know it or not, men perceive other males in their partner’s life as sexual threats.

This is a result of what evolutionary psychologists call sperm competition, which simply means that a man will try harder to inseminate his partner if he thinks he has competition from potential sexual rivals. These men may be feeling romantic jealousy when they draw closer to their partners, but there’s also at least one other force at work — a subconscious desire to ensure that their sperm produces the most offspring.

For the study, 393 men in committed, sexually active, heterosexual relationships were recruited. Participants rated how sexually and physically —> Read More Here


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