World Wildlife Day: How 9 National Geographic Explorers Are Making a Difference


Established as a way to celebrate and raise awareness for the conservation of wild flora and fauna, World Wildlife Day also serves as a reminder of the impacts of various wildlife crime. To mark the occasion, we took a look at the ways our explorers are working to conserve, protect, and explore the wildlife around them.

1. Lisa Dabek is a conservationist and NG grantee who works to protect one of the cutest animals in Papua New Guinea—the endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo.

“The opportunity to work collaboratively with the local communities to make sure the tree kangaroos are protected and do not go extinct, while making sure there is support for these remote communities, is incredibly gratifying,” she says.

2. Shivani Bhalla, a conservation biologist and 2014 NG Emerging Explorer, is working to safeguard the rapidly declining lion population in Kenya. Ewaso Lions, the organization she founded, uses scientific research and community outreach to promote coexistence between people and lions who share habitats. Thanks to her efforts, the lion population in Kenya has grown to its highest number in 12 years.

“My passion for wildlife developed at a very young age during school —> Read More Here


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