Year-End Roundup: Best Blogs of 2014

Historians may look back and see 2014 as the tipping point when the world started falling apart instead of coming together.

Visionary scientists remain enthusiastic that, thanks to converging new technologies from artificial intelligence to regenerative medicine, genetic synthesis and green energy, our civilization is on the threshold of a new and harmonious singularity. Yet, all around us the signs of splintering abound in revived nationalisms, ardent religious wars and the reappearance of geopolitical blocs. Even the global connectivity of the Internet once thought to embody a world spirit is balkanizing.

At this contested historical moment, the open mind of Malala meets the caliphate dogma of Boko Haram, the Islamic State and the child-massacring Pakistani Taliban. The hopeful Xi-Obama deal on climate change meets obstructionist deniers at home in Congress. The other AI — authentic ignorance — is aggressively asserting itself. The good news is that vaccines are conquering the world. But impoverished urban hot zones in West Africa are nourishing the spreading Ebola epidemic.

The Syria carnage goes on. Another Gaza war has generated even more hatred. The U.S. is sending troops back into the Middle East. Desperate immigrants are drowning at sea. China and Japan are rattling each —> Read More Here


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