You Can Help Save The Planet. Here’s How.

veggie garden

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Let’s face it: Humanity is screwing up the planet. Deforestation has leveled swaths of the Amazon rainforest. Bees and monarch butterflies are dying in record numbers. Carbon dioxide levels are soaring.


And yet there are plenty of real, tangible ways to push back against this gloomy narrative. You want to help the bees? Planting some wildflowers is a good first step. What about tackling the ongoing drought in California? Replace that water-guzzling lawn with some succulents.

Here are five ways you, yes you, can combat the depressing headlines that have dominated environmental news for far too long. Because, in the words of legendary biologist E.O. Wilson: “You are capable of more than you know.”

Plant a vegetable garden and eat vegetarian at least once a week.

It sure takes a lot of water to produce some of your favorite foods. A single almond can guzzle as much as a gallon before it reaches your trail mix; a single hamburger can account for up to 660 gallons.

A simple compromise? Plant a vegetable garden and go meatless at least once a week. Fruits and vegetables are much kinder to the environment than meats that are water and carbon intensive, even when you adjust the portions you’re comparing for calories.

Add a patch of wildflowers or milkweed to your backyard.
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