You Might Control Future Apple Devices With Hand Gestures

We’re moving ever closer to a time when keyboards, touchscreens and computer mice seem about as relevant as IBM punched cards.

A new patent granted to Apple on Tuesday suggests that the computer giant is developing a user interface that will be controlled by hand motions.

It’s not necessarily a new idea. The patent was first filed in 2011 by PrimeSense, a company that Apple acquired in 2013. And motion controls have already been implemented in video games, certain cell phones, and computer peripherals.

Apple’s patent nonetheless stands apart for a couple of reasons: It applies to a three-dimensional space, and it features a set of “transitions” that let the system recognize when it needs to be paying attention to the person in front of it.

In other words, it’s solving the key problem of how a computer can observe your hand gestures via a camera and know when to act in response to them. As a point of comparison, the Kinect — a motion-control device used with Microsoft’s Xbox One video game system — is adept at tracking an individual’s hand movements, but can also sometimes pick up gestures from other —> Read More Here


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