YouTuber Tapes Mentos To His Body, Jumps Into Tub Of Coke Zero (VIDEO)

We’re all fully aware that trivial entertainment can go viral.

Last week, it was #TheDress. Now this week’s trend is Hajime, a famous YouTuber whose ridiculous video is going viral. In it, Hajime tapes Mentos to his body and jumps into a tub full of Coke Zero.

We all know that Mentos and Diet Coke create a beautiful reaction when mixed together (carbon dioxide bubbles form really, really fast), but Hajime’s experiment wasn’t all that exciting. Given that there are plenty of hilarious and amazing Mentos and Diet Coke videos out there, we’ll assume that this video’s success comes from Hajime’s million followers on YouTube.

In any case, watch the video above and tell us what you think. Then watch the crazier version of this stunt, made by the guys over at Epic Meal Empire:

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